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Here Meta shares how yoga teaches us tools that enable us to authentically create the life we dream of, the life we know deep down that we are capable of inhabiting. Yoga teaches us to Look Inside For Truth: what she calls LIFT. 


I’m so glad I joined your teacher training program. In the beginning I felt very insecure about my ability regarding poses. I was really nervous about the program, and if I would fail miserably. So, it’s been very exciting to feel myself getting so much stronger and more confident. I feel accepted and encouraged in the program, and that’s very important to me. I can’t thank you enough for all the joy you’ve brought into my life.Robin, Social Worker, therapist
The program was life changing for me. In terms of teaching, I learned new poses as well as how to teach them. I also gained expertise and confidence in making adjustments to my students. The books and resources covering the history and philosophy of yoga are interesting and informative. In a personal way gave me the tools that allowed me to find a deep spiritual component to my own practice. This gift is with me every day, and I remain eternally grateful.Chris, Yoga Teacher
If what you’re looking for is an experience that explores the vast dimensions of yoga, its origins, the ancient texts, the philosophy, the vast gamut of the practices of yoga poses, meditation, breathing techniques, the use of mudra and mantra, as well as an in depth study of the anatomy, detailed teaching methodology and even Sanskrit, then this is what you’ll find in this program. I also discovered on a very personal level how the physical dimensions of yoga and the philosophical/spiritual dimensions go hand in hand – instilling even greater meaning and motivation to my practice. It has helped me see how the subtle lessons of practicing yoga on the mat, and practicing the philosophy and spirit of yoga in everyday life and in my personal relationships are part and parcel of the same fantastic phenomenon of this interconnected web of life.Andrew, Urban Planning Professional