About Meta Chaya Hirschl

Meta Chaya Hirschl has studied yoga for decades and has been teaching since 1999. She leads a community of yoga students who are eager to learn how to apply the ancient wisdom of yoga to their lives, so that they too can live life to the fullest.

Me·ta  [may-tuh]

noun, a female given name. My parents named me after a beloved friend who has long since passed on, may her memory be a blessing.

Rhymes with potata, tomata. When I worked with computers and programmed on mainframes, many moons ago, my moniker was Meta-Data.

noun, Similar to the great Indian musician and conductor Zubin Mehta

noun, Similar to metta in Pali, means loving-kindness, tender kindness motivated by or expressing affection.

noun, Similar to maitri in Sanskrit, also means loving-kindness

noun, a river over 620 miles (995 kilometers) NE Colombia flowing into the Orinoco on Venezuela-Colombia boundary





Meta has studied yoga for decades and has been teaching for fourteen years. Before opening her yoga studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she received a bachelor of science degree in Food Science from Purdue University, took a job as a brewing supervisor for Miller Brewing Company, then earned a master of business administration degree in Information Systems, graduating with distinction from New York University, and worked as a computer systems consultant, technical software writer, and university lecturer.

Teaching Credentials & Yoga Education

Meta took her first yoga class in 1978. Years later, after working in business, teaching in academia, and writing software books, she was drawn back to yoga following the development of a serious illness. Her passion for yoga led her to eventually open a studio and later establish a Teacher Training & Life Enrichment Program, a nationally accredited curriculum incorporating a variety of traditions and styles.

Meta is a Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT, e-500 hr, the highest level available, since 2001 with Yoga Alliance. The Teacher Training program is registered with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School, RYS.

More detail training:

  • Additional Teacher Trainings include:  Week long teacher training with in Anusara Yoga and Anusara Immersion at Body in Santa Fe, NM; Teacher training with Irene Beer of Namaste International using Vanda Scarvelli approach; Completed twelve week teacher training at High Desert Yoga; Completed Nancy Ruby’s YogaMotion teacher training; Yoga & Ayurveda teacher training with Betheyla
  • Workshops include work with Rodney Yee, John Friend, Elise Miller, Lisa Schrempp, Rama Berch, Erich Schiffman, Beryl Bender and Tom Birch, David Swenson, Ramanad Patel, Gail Ackerman Yoga, Anatomy and Spirit workshop with Tias Little
  • Studied Ayur-Yoga with Betheyla combining the ancient art/science of Ayurveda and yoga, sister sciences
  • Attended Kinesiology class at the University of New Mexico to study in depth the anatomy of movement including the study of bones, muscles, and the central nervous system
  • Student of Sanskrit, including week long Sanskrit Immersion with the American Sanskrit Institute, workshop with MaBa at the Ayurvedic Institute, University of New Mexico Continuing Education Sanskrit class, private tutoring with Jess Posniak, PhD.

More detail teaching:

  • Teach weekly classes and offer workshops, privates and teacher training.
  • Classes include gentle yoga, prenatal yoga, basics, Ashtanga, Mixed level, Level II and therapeutic.
  • Developed the Teacher Training & Life Enrichment Program,  both 200 hr and 500 hr RYT levels.
  • Developed and conduct workshops and retreats including daylong, weekends, and week long, nationally and internationally.
  • Taught yoga at Highland High School as part of a national initiative, Safe Schools, Healthy Students. Then developed training for teachers to roll out the yoga program to multiple high schools in Albuquerque Public Schools.
  • Developed and teach a nine mode plan for yoga and asthma to teach in workshops and private sessions.

Yoga Philosophy

Every moment that we spend criticizing ourselves we are leaking energy, our own precious life source, what the ancients called prana. We are, each of us, incredibly powerful, rich, and creative creatures and yet, how much time do we spend worrying about how we are perceived and feeling like we’re not quite right? How often do we try to come up with a new improvement plan so we’ll be “okay?”

Yoga teaches us tools that enable us to authentically create the life we dream of, the life we know deep down that we are capable of inhabiting. Yoga teaches us to Look Inside For Truth: what I call LIFT. We can learn to watch our thoughts, watch our reactions to the world around us and see clearly our feelings and sensations in the moment, which unleashes power — our own power. We can bring healing to our bodies and experience freedom from chronic pain.

Sadly, yoga has almost become a four letter word, just another layer of impossible images to fail to live up to. Marketers have led us to believe that yoga is about being flexible, wearing the right clothes, and appearing thin and young. Nothing is farther from the truth.  Yoga is about what is inside. It’s the way to make your life sustainable and to conserve your energy for what truly blossoms your heart.

Yoga changed my life. I was barely able to function, in bed most of the day, unable to breath, unable to figure out how to find health. Yoga was the path that has brought me to this moment, which includes running two marathons, hiking up and down the Grand Canyon many times and living a robust and healthy life. And you can find this too.

Teaching Philosophy

I am passionate and articulate about how yoga has changed my life and how it can help others.  Through public classes, workshops and teacher trainings I’ve had the honor of witnessing hundreds of people experience a remarkable and empowering life shift.

I use my story to inspire others to develop their own unique gifts. In 1988, I suddenly developed asthma, nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis. I could barely function and was in and out of the hospital because my ability to breathe was so compromised. The prescribed drugs kept me alive, but with a miserable quality of life. I felt increasingly weak and desperate. Over the next two decades I tried every imaginable health cure. Nothing worked for long.

When I began practicing yoga regularly, the focus shifted. I began to ask myself, “How do I feel?” It turns out, this was the pivotal question. I saw that my body was communicating the answers to me, and I needed to listen in order to heal.

Every bodily pain has something to say, perhaps about our life style choices, our work or our relationships and can help us make important shifts in our lives. Once we learn to trust ourselves and care for ourselves, we gain the courage we need to change our lives for the better. I look forward to the opportunity to communicate these concepts in a practical, applicable way to the world on the web with video classes, to help each person unleash their vast potential and beauty.