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Happy Full Moon, Once in a Blue Moon

Happy July 1st, 2015! I hope this finds you all so well and enjoying some sense of fullness – purna – that often accompanies a full ...

1 Jul 2015
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Yoga, Yogananda and Feminist Films

Happy New Year, Here comes 2015! Why not start with a truly nourishing home practice to feel great from the inside out: body, mind and ...

2 Jan 2015

Yoga Class: Monday, December 29, 2014

Why do the birds line up together on the wire in such good order? I’ve been running down the same street, noticing the organization of ...

24 Dec 2014

Blooms, balloons, and uninvited visitors

Suddenly, it’s October. I looked back and the last time I wrote a post was July. I’ve been making mental notes about what to write ...

5 Oct 2014

Some Good News

Summertime, Summertime and we even have rain this year, yet I know the news has been hard on every level lately: global, national and local. So ...

24 Jul 2014

Happy Fourth o July – have some fun-ish!

What is fun, anyway? We all have different ways to enjoy ourselves and sometimes sharing those experiences is how we connect. For instance here is ...

3 Jul 2014

Exultation: a feeling of triumphant elation or jubilation; rejoicing

What gives us a feeling of exultation? When do we feel triumphant elation and jubilation? I have an offering from my father. He sent me ...

10 Jun 2014

Yoga Saturday & Running, What If Everyone Ran?

You are invited this Saturday morning, May 31st, at 9-10:30 am for yoga poses, philosophy to inform our lives, breath practice and meditation. Join together at First Congregational Church, 2801 ...

29 May 2014

Rescuing Animals and Ourselves

Happy May to You! Thank you to all the students who came to yoga class May 3, we had a wonderful time practicing yoga together ...

16 May 2014