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Vote for Mayor, Deep Canvassing

Greetings to you all, my yogi friends and former students, As you know, I no longer regularly teach yoga, although I am happy to report ...

13 Nov 2017

August Arrives, 8.1.17

The rains have come and the evenings are delightful. Must be time to canvas our neighborhood. This month, why not commit to talking about the ...

2 Aug 2017

72 days left to register voters

Greetings dear yogi friends, A quick reminder of yoga at 6:30 am on Tuesday at Ridgecrest Park. Also, if you’d like to receive emails with ...

19 Jul 2017

Moons, Murmuration and Recitals

What? A Full Moon and the Summer Solstice on the same day, Monday, June 20, 2016? Wow. A day of balance between the two forces: ...

19 Jun 2016

Le Vie del Dharma and Jumping

Greetings! I have just posted a blog on the Medium platform. I hope you enjoy it! Le Vie del Dharma and Jumping with love and ...

1 May 2016

Rising to Morning Songs

I first heard Rise Up by Andra Day on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I was instantly mesmerized by her voice and emotion. This introduction ...

17 Feb 2016

Presidents and their Day

President’s Day, a holiday for many. A day to play. Can’t help but think of our President and his Constitutional duty to name a Supreme ...

15 Feb 2016

Let’s Talk – Briefly

Friends, I find inspiration and joy in so many places and want to share them with you. Briefly, perhaps even daily, as Seth Godin implored ...

15 Feb 2016

Happy Full Moon, Once in a Blue Moon

Happy July 1st, 2015! I hope this finds you all so well and enjoying some sense of fullness – purna – that often accompanies a full ...

1 Jul 2015
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