Greetings from the “dive” into Deep Diver Coders, and Happy New Year! I’ve included in the slideshow some of the images I enjoy as I walk to the coding bootcamp which is on Central near Broadway.

I hope you are all enjoying this first month of 2014. And I hope you are uncovering a sweet inner solitude that supports your every move. I’ve been in the immersion of the language of the web in a daily full force learning environment. I have to say it is like sipping nectar to engage challenges of the logic of computing. My classroom day begins around 8:45 am and ends around 6 pm, and often I have homework. Even when I was a full-time student in my earlier years I didn’t spend this much time learning. Today begins my fourth week (of ten) and I have to say that while I find this much learn/study/student time new, I also find it incredibly satisfying. I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile the world continues to offer inspiration:

Here are a few inspirations I thought you might enjoy:

Entrepreneurs Who Use Tech to Change the World
 For example, meet Rose Broome, cofounder of HandUp, decided to start her company after passing a homeless woman on the street who had only a thin blanket to stay warm on a particularly cold night.Rose Broome

In many urban areas, homelessness is a growing problem. San Francisco has a particularly visible homeless population—one that draws often-thoughtless criticism from newcomers.

HandUp helps homeless people in San Francisco by giving them the opportunity to solicit donations via text message or an online profile. The company issues members business cards to hand out with instructions for those who wish to help. When people send money, it’s given to the homeless individual in the form of credits they can then exchange for needed items through Project Homeless Connect.It’s not just the homeless community Broome and cofounder Zac Witte want to empower, but also local donors who might not understand the true plight of homeless citizens.

“It’s hard when you’re really far away from a problem to see it clearly. I understand why it feels uncomfortable,” Broome said. “We’re hoping we can help educate people. You see a lot of people on the site but would walk by those people and wouldn’t know they were homeless.”

In the first four months of the pilot program,, HandUp has registered 100 members who are homeless or at risk of losing their homes and raised $20,000 for them. Additionally, seven people, including one family, have achieved housing with the help of HandUp.

Ted talk from mayor of Oklahoma, really, Oklahoma. The grandchildren are coming home.

Diane Nyad, Never ever give up:

Emotional correctness: “find the compassion for others that we want them to have for us.”

Sending you many blessings and warm hugs as the month of love approaches,


Dreamsicle and Meta

Dreamsicle and Meta

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  1. Amy

    January 27, 2014

    The class sounds intense!! I hope you are enjoying it. Gorgeous photos!

    • Meta

      January 28, 2014

      Thanks for the comment, Amy! Yes class is intense and yes, I am enjoying it. Hugs to you,Meta.

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