Video Pose Class: 30 Minutes Intermediate Sol


Here’s the underlying idea of all Vital Yoga with Meta:

We are playing an inside/outside game with our yoga practice. We listen to the instructions of the teacher, of Meta, and then we work with our bodies to ‘do’ the pose.

Then we listen to the answers as we ask these questions:

  • How does it feel?
  • Can I breath deeply and feel both the inhale and exhale of each breath?
  • Does going deeper feel better or does doing a bit less improve the breathe and experience?

We practice and we listen more and more carefully. We refine our ability to detect and understand sensation of the most precious of our resources, our bodies. The more we practice yoga this way, by taking the instruction, embodying it, and then listening, the more we refine our ability to know ourselves, our True Selves. And this knowing will seep into other areas of our life. We’ll begin to know how food affects us, how our work actually feels, our relationships. Once we begin to truly listen and respect our experience, there is no limit of our power and potential. And it all begins on the mat, with the breath and the pose and your consciousness to pay attention.

Intermediate Sol

sol is sun in Spanish and sounds like soul, which yoga nourishes, also means radiant, warm, promotes grow, life force, bright, glittering, shining:

For those who:

    • Have some or lots of yoga experience
    • Have little or no yoga experience but feel confident in body and able to listen to personal edges
    • Have little or no yoga experience but play in other realms of physical activity like running, biking, tennis, golf, etc and feel able to follow directions and listen to body responses
    • Want both flow and staying in some poses
    • Want to move with breath and find a challenge

Price: $29.00

For an even shorter 15 minute Pose Class:

Purchase No Excuse Yoga

This class is a short 15 minutes for beginners or those that want to get back to the basics. Only 15 minutes! You’ve got no excuse not to do yoga now! All levels welcome.

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