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Happy New Year, Here comes 2015!

Why not start with a truly nourishing home practice to feel great from the inside out: body, mind and spirit. Special New Year Price of $10/class!  Just click the Orange Register button on the right for the class for you.

Here’s the underlying idea of Vital Yoga with Meta at Home:

The way to actually learn yoga poses is to do the same poses day after day for a period. Then you can learn how your body responds to the physical poses, you can relax and watch your mind in the calm of knowing what comes next, and you can grow with the pose on many levels.

Through the site you can register for a course for four weeks. The pose sequence for the class is exactly the same for each day of that commitment, with teachings and suggestions offered along the way. You practice the pose sequence six days and on the seventh take a day off, a body holiday. Then return again. I’ve learned both from experience and wise texts and teachers that we need one day off a week to allow our bodies a retreat. I think you’ll find that you’ll enjoy the day off and you’ll be eager to return to your daily class.

But yoga is so much more than poses and yoga @ home offers much more. Each day there are teachings that include videos, documents, and audio on topics such as:

  • the intention or sankalpa of the practice
  • pose pointers: body mechanics,
  • yoga philosophy that supports you<
  • the name of the poses you are practicing
  • breathing practices
  • chanting suggestions
  • a journal to record your thoughts
  • chai tea recipe and how-to video
  • yoga in the car

….to name just some of the teachings and activities that will help yoga come alive for you and support you in your life.

Learning yoga is like learning a language, daily practice creates more fluency and ease than cramming before an exam.

For Beginners and Beyond – Juniper, an introduction.


For Intermediate Students, an introduction.


For Experienced Students, an introduction.


Here’s the underlying idea of all Vital Yoga with Meta:
We are playing an inside/outside game with our yoga practice. We listen to the instructions of the teacher, of Meta, and then we work with our bodies to ‘do’ the pose.

Then we listen to the answers as we ask these questions:

  • How does it feel?
  • Can I breath deeply and feel both the inhale and exhale of each breath?
  • Does going deeper feel better or does doing a bit less improve the breathe and experience?

We practice and we listen more and more carefully. We refine our ability to detect and understand sensation of the most precious of our resources, our bodies. The more we practice yoga this way, by taking the instruction, embodying it, and then listening, the more we refine our ability to know ourselves, our True Selves. And this knowing will seep into other areas of our life. We’ll begin to know how food affects us, how our work actually feels, our relationships. Once we begin to truly listen and respect our experience, there is no limit of our power and potential. And it all begins on the mat, with the breath and the pose and your consciousness to pay attention.

What flavor are you hungry for now?

What Course is better for you, Juniper, Sol or Ginger (and this might change after four week)?

Vital Yoga with Meta at Home offers three flavors of classes. One flavor is not better than another, it completely depends on what you are desiring and needing at this moment. Please read the descriptions of the flavors and choose the class that is best for you. Once you make the choice, make a commitment to four weeks and let the magic begin.



  • Date: January 1, 2015 -- ALL CLASSES $10
  • Skills: For all - choose the level below for your best fit today.
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