President’s Day, a holiday for many. A day to play.

Can’t help but think of our President and his Constitutional duty to name a Supreme Court Justice nominee.

John Oliver digs the data

John Oliver digs the data

But what of the job of journalists to take the time to search through the archives to point out hypocrisy and even lying? Why does that job so often get done by the comedians? When the Senate Leader said no to voting on a nominee, John Oliver’s show immediately found his words in 2008: John Oliver Slams Republicans for Attempting to Block Obama’s SCOTUS Choice

Playing is underrated. Ellen Langer, a social psychologist, discusses her work including experiments of renaming work (from drudgery to play) that actually changed health. On Being: Science of Mindlessness and Mindfulness Bumper Stickers == Moving PlayPlay with your day!

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