Greetings dear yogi friends,

A quick reminder of yoga at 6:30 am on Tuesday at Ridgecrest Park.

Also, if you’d like to receive emails with organizing information, please send me an note to and I’ll add you to my organizing list. I send an email about once a week, at least at this important time before an election. For example, we only have 72 days left to register voters for our next mayor. You can volunteer at Voter Registration Popups like the one in the picture.

Here’s a link of the last email that went out today, Meta’s Email for Organizing.

Meanwhile stay cool, stay connected and never give up!

Namaste, and Organize,


*A ward consists of a group of precincts and the number of the ward corresponds to our state representative. A precinct is the smallest organizing area with block captains to help contact everyone in the precinct, Ward 18D has 10 precincts with numbers that aren’t even in order, odd, I know. Find your precinct here: MyVoterInfo

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