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Greetings to you all, my yogi friends and former students,

As you know, I no longer regularly teach yoga, although I am happy to report that my book, Vital Yoga: A Sourcebook for Students and Teacher, has just begun it’s third reprint, available now in English, Italian and French. I’m so happy that the teachings are still alive and relevant.

I am sending out fairly regular blog posts concerning my work to help create a democracy for all the people all of the time. I am a Democratic Ward Chair, of my neighborhood, 18D. I am going to send this to you all and if you don’t want to receive the political news, just unsubscribe. If you do want to receive my musings and missives, just continue to read.

I hope you are all so well. I look back on my time teaching yoga and running yoga studio(s) with such great affection and gratitude for you, the students, and for yoga. I continue to practice yoga, of course, and may offer some classes or retreats in the future, who knows?

Here are my words for today:

Vote for Tim Tomorrow!

The final vote is finally here. Please vote, please tell your friends to vote, please tell everyone you meet to vote!

The early voting numbers were remarkably high, this from today’s Albuquerque Journal:
Strong early voting in the mayoral runoff between candidates Dan Lewis and Tim Keller suggests that total turnout could exceed that of the Oct. 3 election, a political observer said.

This level of interest and engagement is encouraging and we are in a marathon not a sprint. More important elections and work to come. To that end, you may want to attend Deep Canvassing Skills Training to Build Grassroots Political Power, this Sunday November 19th, 2:00-4:00 pm at UNM School of Law building.

Learn more about how deep canvassing creates long term powerful grassroots community involvement & helps us win in 2018. It’s free, register here. A TED talk on Deep Canvassing here
We have some glimmers of hope with the results last Tuesday in Virginia. Let’s create more hope here at home by electing Tim Keller, Mayor.

After the election tomorrow, we will re-group and make plans to continue to create a democracy for all the people, all the time.
Be well, eat well, play well, and give yourself a hug for all your work for our beautiful spot on planet earth.